What is Magen Rachel?

Magen Rachel is an organization founded L'ilui Nishmat (for the ascension of of) Chaya Rachel bat Mordechai, a holocaust survivor who weighed 27 kilo at the end of World War II after spending a year in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, where she was forced on daily marches in the snow without shoes (till her feet bled). Despite the hardships of her life, Chaya Rachel kept her Judaism alive and went on to marry another holocaust survivor in 1947, in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp turned displaced person's camp.

At the beginning of the war (1939) Chaya Rachel was 14. She passed away at age 82 after raising a beautiful family with 5 children, about 30 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren. This was her victory over the Nazis that wanted to eradicate the Jewish nation off the face of the earth.

Our Mission - Kaddish for Every Jew

Our mission is to ensure that Kaddish will be said for every Jew thereby guaranteeing him/her eternal life. See right sidebar for an interesting story about the importance of Kaddish.===>

We also provide the learning of Mishnayot by rabbis in Israel for the ascension of the souls of the deceased. These rabbis learn the entire book of Mishnayot during the first year of mourning.

What are Mishnayot? Just as we have a written Torah that was given at Mt. Sinai we have the Mishnayot which are books which comprise the oral law and explain what is written in the written Torah. The word "Mishna" in Hebrew is comprised of the same letters as the word "Neshama", which means "soul". The soul of the deceased which is now separated from the body, is "raised up" as a result of someone learning mishna in its merit.

If you are a busy person and do not have the time to say Kaddish or Mishnayot for your parent's soul:

* We will provide you with Kaddish recited 3 times a day for the entire year of mourning.

* We can also have a minyan (quorum of 10) of rabbinical scholars learn Mishnayot every day for the entire year, in the merit of your parent's soul. They will finish the entire 6 tractates of Mishna during this year.

* We can ensure that every year, on the day of the deceased person's yahrzeit (the anniversary of his/her death) the appropriate mishnayot are learned for the elevation of his/her soul.

If you are interested in arranging recitation of Kaddish or learning of Mishnayot in the Holy Land please, either call us (for free) using the "Free Call " button in the right sidebar or use our convenient "signup" form on the top right of this page.

You can also drop us a line at adminATkaddishforever.com (use "@" instead of "AT").

Call Dena at:

(Number in Israel, country code 972)
972-8-974-1220 (24 hours a day). Leave your name and number if there is no
answer. We will call you back!

Or cellphone: 972-57-314-0805 - no phonemail.

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